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For Optimal Living

For Optimal Living

Balance Rehabilitation

is open and ready to serve you

Balance Rehabilitation has been established in South Orange County since 2003 and have therapists with over 30 years combined experience. Specializing in neurological, vestibular, balance and orthopedic disorders, we are the physical therapy centers that doctors turn to and trust.

Balanced Mind 

in a Balanced Body


1:1 Individualized Sessions

Neurological Specialty

Specialized training and equipment

catered toward treating patients with Neurological impairments.


Pre/post surgical rehabilitation

Preventative care therapy 


Experts in treating patients post concussion

Compassionate and educational care

Vestibular Specialty

We are experts in treating

Dizziness, Vertigo, and Balance disorders

Balance Therapy

Computerized Dynamic Posturography

Fall Prevention Strategies

Facial Paralysis

Facial nerve injury rehabilitation

Neuromuscular re-ed & Manual Therapy